Another day, another fun competition!! 

Congratulations to all our gorgeous dancers today you have all improved so much in such a short period of time!

A massive well done to all our dancers, call backs, semi finalists and finalists! First batch of photos!!

U12 Beg Phoebe and Freya 6th
O16 Beg Shilah and Bethany 4th

U4 Beg Everlyn 3rd
U12 Beg Freya 3rd (from 39 dancers!!)
O16 Beg Bethany 4th

U12 beginner team Illusion 2nd / 3

U4 Everlyn 4th
O16 Bethany 3rd

U12 slow:
Phoebe WINNER from 37 dancers!!!
Amelia T 6th from 37 dancers

Competition in clacton