Colchester ADFP

We are getting stronger and stronger!

Congratulations to our gorgeous 8 dancers that took to the floor today at a lovely local comp in Colchester!

Every single dancer receiving at least 1 call back! All entering in the biggest category of the day, the U12 beginners

13 recalls in solos with Freya making the semi-final from 42 dancers! Huge well done!

4 recalls for pairs with Freya and Phoebe placing 3rd AND loosing our FIRST pairs life from 23 pairs!

A massive well done Amelia & Millie only learning a quick routine on Thursday and to Martha and Shilah for making up the routine on the day and for getting a call back!!!!

A huge well done to our gorgeous Phoebe for placing 5th from 43 dancers to lose a slow life!!!!! Congratulations!!

Thank you lovely Isla for our amazing cupcakes they were absolutely DELICIOUS!

Thank you to my whole team for being supportive of each other and dancing your hearts out today! I am so proud of ALL of you!

Losing a life in pairs!