Essex Freestyle Championship’s

Sunday was an absolute dream day for dancing!

What an absolute pleasure to complete my final shadowing session at Essex Freestyle Championship’s … officially ADFP qualified adjudicator!!!!! Another thing ticked off the list and to spend my day amongst the most amazing panel, what a dream! Special thanks to Steve for many words of wisdom and company all day!!

My gorgeous team! I am always so proud of you but I have to admit it was hard not to get emotional or attached to you when judging!

7 dancers entered U12 Beginners, again the biggest category with a massive 14 recalls, congratulations Isla for placing 2nd losing a life and Phoebe placing 3rd also loosing a life!!!

Our slow queens dancing so emotional gaining a massive 18 recalls with 3 dancers making the final!!!!!! Congratulations Isla for WINNING!!! Losing your 2nd slow life and to our outstanding Phoebe placing 5th and beautiful Martha placing 7th!

3 pairs entered and we get 1st and 2nd!!!!!!! Congratulations Martha & Amelia another life lost and Jessie and Amelia (who made up their pairs on Wednesday!!!!!!!! )

We have now lost 21 lives across 7 dancers….. a potential of 5 upgrades at our next comp…….

These lives do not come without the hard work!!! LETS DO THIS!

Ps it only gets harder… but the rewards become so much greater thank you for letting me be part of your journey!

Essex Freestyle Championship’s