Last competition of the summer!

Not actually sure where to begin today … What an AMAZING day!

First of all to have nearly a full ADFP squad! All of you have improved immensely since starting your freestyle journey. You are ALL in your own right magical and I just wish you could see what I can!

Again we entered 12 gorgeous dancers into the u12 Beg and our lovely little Freya for our U10 Beg!! You all do so well entering the biggest categories of the day and having to dance against your best friends!!

An outstanding 32 recalls from 13 dancers!!!!!! With our fantastic Freya placing 5th in U10 Beginners!

And our U12’s:

Shilah 1st LOSING A LIFE
Olivia 5th LOSING A LIFE

On to pairs! 10 recalls from 6 couples with 3 couples MAKING THE FINAL!!!

Isla and Grace 2nd LOSING A LIFE
Shilah and Isla 3rd LOSING A LIFE
Olivia and Millie 5th

And lastly onto our slow. 33 call backs with an outstanding 4 dancers making the final in the U12 beginners. 52 dancers and we got:

Martha 1st LOSING A LIFE
Olivia 2nd LOSING A LIFE
Phoebe 4th LOSING A LIFE

SOOO many highlights today but a special shout out to all our dancers who lost their lives today! Our winners Shilah and Martha and lastly our little long legs!!!!! Isla, you have gone above and beyond to lose that last life today. The way you feel the music and put all that emotion on the floor is exactly why you deserve that last life. The biggest congratulations to you and to the school for our very first starter!!! The beginning of many.

I love you guys so much!!!! My amazing dance babies!!!!!! You make me so proud! Remember your first few comps and where you are now! Most dancers in your category have been dancing for years. Take pride in everything you have accomplished!

We may have some time off comps but that doesn’t mean the work stops. We hit training hard again next week!

We now have 9 potential upgrades for the next comp!!!!! Count down to 18th September is ON!!!